Massimo Ravinale - Who we are ¯


In the heart of Florence, set in its historic center, rich in art, style and culture, Massimo Ravinale is born. A company that produces foulards, scarves, ties and accessories by selecting the best materials and creating original patterns and prints, taking care of their reproduction in every detail.
In our creations you will find our history, our taste, love and care for every step of what we do. Because our products reflect our being, we place all our efforts in them, with the aim of producing ornamental accessories for the beauty of our customers.
In Massimo Ravinale Products, we believe that craftsmanship must be understood as a form of art: a way to express oneself. Being a craftsman for us represents pride and the will to carry on a passion that resists the passage of time, fashions and production techniques. In a globalized world we claim the freedom to express who we are, our concept of elegance, taste and Italian style.
We employ obsessive care for every creative and productive phase. Each of our creations has its own history, its own “raison d’etre", has a genetic matrix that makes it unique. It all starts in Florence where the design phase is based. The taste, the use of colors, the choice of fabrics ... This is the phase of stylistic choices, in which ideas begin to take shape. This is followed by the implementation phase where skills and production level assessments come into play. Where to produce and with whom to produce each type of product and fabric processing. The answers to these questions are the result of decades of experience and selection of the best Italian textile companies. Here ideas become substance. The third and final phase is that of packaging, where craftsmanship is the absolute protagonist. Hands that work, hands that transmit love and passion for their craft. In this phase the product comes to life.
Our concept of Made in Italy is not a concept of label, but of substance. We are what we do.